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How would you like a never ending stream of leads from LinkedIn?

Leads From your target market!

The number one thing most companies complain about is not enough leads. With over half 1 billion people on LinkedIn, you can type in almost any key phrase and thousands if not millions of results come in. You then can drill down on LinkedIn to, your city, industry, schools they have gone to, and with certain types of LinkedIn memberships size a company and how much money the company generates per year in revenue. We also help you with your profile and make suggestions if you have a business website, people are researching you and we make you look like the authority in your niche!

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Relationships Matter

Our Program is all about relationship building, not the hard sell.
In today’s age with computers and social media, we think that people have forgotten how to properly build relationships with someone before you asked for the sale. With our program, we help you do that! How many times have you been on LinkedIn or other social media sites where the second that you accept  the connection request, they ask you if you want to buy their services. We think that’s just weird, so we build those relationships for our clients with the people that they want to get in front of, because people buy from people they know, like and trust.

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Collect, Message or Endorse

With our program we have set up systems, whereby you can go into LinkedIn, type in your key phrases to find your target market (we help you to find those key phrases), send out connection requests, send out messages, or just endorse your connections 1st connections. This is all part of building your company’s community and brand on LinkedIn. The bigger your company’s or employee’s network on LinkedIn is, the more chance you have of referrals, leads and connecting with your target audience. We show you the results!!

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Results driven leads!

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Allan Fine

CEO | Founder

I’ve owned a boutique marketing company for almost 20 years and back in 2010 I started doing LinkedIn training for corporation and individuals. Integrity, Honesty and a Commitment to my clients, that’s how I live.

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