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What We Do

Welcome to Linkedinleads, it’s pretty simple, we do what our name says. We help individuals and companies generate unlimited targeted leads from LinkedIn. We also train and consult, we help you and your company generate inbound marketing leads on LinkedIn.
Let’s face it, LinkedIn can be pretty confusing, like when they rolled out their new online interface with no training and no videos. We were one of the first companies to create a presentation and to train companies on the use of the new LinkedIn interface. So many times we hear that LinkedIn is difficult and confusing to navigate. So we create training programs and this membership site to help you navigate, generate and communicate with your target audience.

We feel that there is a shift in the online marketing space back to traditional methods of engaging, communicating, and learning about your potential clients. While LinkedIn is a great platform for initial connections, the old adage “People buy from people that they know like and trust” couldn’t be truer in today’s day and age. Let us help you on the largest B2B social networking platform, LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, The #1 site for Business

Let’s face it, LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, no funny pictures of someone’s dog doing something on someone’s lawn. LinkedIn is about business, With over half 1 billion people on the platform now worldwide, It is a global database where,  if your businesses  primary target market is B2B,  then LinkedIn is definitely for your company .

Just type in the key phrase in the upper left search bar, for instance owner ( As in business owner) That’s 13 Million + possible clients and leads. When we figured out that seemed really exciting. We hope you see the potential in this for your business as well.

Who We Serve

Helping businesses of all sizes and in different industries. At Linkedin Leads we have found that as long as the business is in the B2B space ( a business that sells its products or services primarily to other businesses ) then we can help. On LinkedIn’s company page, it says “562 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.”

It’s the largest networking event in the world and is going on 24/7. If you’re not leveraging LinkedIn for your business to generate business, then your competition is and they are Stealing all your leads!

Here is just a couple of businesses we serve:
More are joining every day, are you ready to get unlimited leads?


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