LinkedIn Workshop-from Mystery to Mastery-May 27th Online

LinkedIn from Mystery to Mastery-Online Event- Why it’s so important to use LinkedIn with what is happening with Covid 19.

If you missed our Jan workshop you don’t want to miss this one!!  This will be an online event only!

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In this Unbelievable time in history, LinkedIn could potentially save your company from disaster. The world has never seen anything like this and It is time your Business started thinking out of the box. LinkedIn has over 685 million people on its platform worldwide. This gives you unprecedented reach, to be able to connect with, Talk to,  Joint venture and Enroll businesses to keep your company going!

This workshop will take you from “Mystery” to “Mastery”!

The professional world has finally realized the importance of LinkedIn in this unprecedented day and age, as a business platform that serves multiple objectives. Besides being a central hub for professional branding, networking and career management, LinkedIn is now becoming a growing source of news, knowledge and opportunity for professionals worldwide. Businesses now call on employees to participate on LinkedIn, not only for social recruiting but also for social selling, social media marketing and employee advocacy.

However, most companies don’t understand how to leverage LinkedIn as a phenomenal source of marketing and lead generation.

Allan Fine is an experienced speaker, he has trained hundreds of companies on LinkedIn for business. Join him to spend a day to learn about this amazing B2B social media platform, where he will reveal amazing tips and tricks he has learned.

His goal,  with this online workshop is to provide useful information that is just as relevant for employees getting trained on LinkedIn as it is for professionals, executives and business owners trying to derive more value from their LinkedIn profiles. We will give you a solid understanding of how to market your company effectively with your profile and how lead generation on LinkedIn works.

Due to the Covid 19-We are doing this all online now!

Who is this workshop for?

* You’re on LinkedIn, but you don’t know how to use it properly.
* Because of the worldwide Covid 19 Epidemic, your business is really suffering and you need to find out-of-the-box solutions.
* You’ve heard about lead generation and marketing on LinkedIn but you have no idea how that works.
* You know having an amazing profile on LinkedIn is very important, but you don’t know exactly what that means or how to create one.
* You are a professional who wants to use LinkedIn to expand your networks and maximize your connections to create lead generation opportunities.
* You are a professional who wants to use LinkedIn to expand your networks and maximize your connections to create lead generation opportunities.
* LinkedIn beginners and more experienced users will benefit from this training. LinkedIn has changed its features and we can provide you with what the updates mean for new opportunities on the platform.

What should I bring into the event?

We will provide a workshop workbook for the day.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes as long as you inform us of this information beforehand, so we can match registration with the person who attends.

This is the next generation workshop that will improve on Jan 31st workshop with all the things he learned so it will be even better!
Get into 2020 with LinkedIn Mastery a
nd Maximize LinkedIn for your business!


LinkedIn lead generation in a COVID-19 world.

It’s no secret that we are facing unprecedented times. Both the world and economy are seeing one of the greatest challenges we have ever seen.

I’m getting a ton of questions from my clients and potential clients asking us about our services?

  • Is it inappropriate to run outreach right now?

  • Should I keep doing outreach?

  • Should I adjust my messaging or strategy?

With everything that’s happening right now it’s important to start thinking out of the box and being more strategic.

For our clients that do only in person services it’s time to temporarily put on the brakes and to stop all outreach.

For instance people in the catering or gym membership business, we’re putting a temporary stop and all campaigns.

We also have to look at areas that are most affected by COVID-19.

So here is our first decision framework for our clients:

If your product or service would encourage activities that are in conflict with government containment recommendations, stop outreach now.

This is the one place where there is an immediate red light.

Another example of this would be any outreach campaign that is inviting people to live events.

Yellow Light: When to pause outreach and adjust messaging

Industries heavily affected by COVID-19

What do you do about customers with businesses that (1) do not encourage human contact, but (2) will be largely impacted by COVID-19.

Examples of this could be companies who are selling into the event industry, healthcare industry, transportation industry, retail, etc. While COVID-19 will impact all industries, there are some it will affect more directly than most.

In these situations, it may be more powerful than ever to reach out as these companies are in dire need. But, your messaging and approach will need to be altered for the new climate. If you reach out in a “business as normal” manner to these industries, your message will probably fall on deaf ears.

So here is our second framework:

If the industry you are targeting will be directly impacted by COVID-19, then pause your campaign for 1-2 weeks while the situation develops, and strategize a new message and approach.

Consider this bucket a yellow light area. Slow down, regroup, but don’t stop. I think it’s a real mistake to totally stop marketing for your company. With the drastic measure of closing of schools, and certain businesses I’m hoping that by May 2020 the virus will kind of burn itself out, and things may start to return back to normal again.  So if you don’t do any marketing for almost 2 months, and then you resume your marketing, but not until May or June,your company is going to be in big trouble.

Green Light: When to continue outreach as is

Industries that will not be directly impacted

the last group are looking at is industries that are not directly impacted by COVID-19. While the entire economy will be impacted, many industries will not see direct effects. Examples of these industries are B2B tech, consulting, professional services, agencies, digital marketing, recruiting, etc.

While all businesses will feel the effects of COVID-19, the industries that are not directly impacted are much safer to continue outreach to.

We are adjusting the messaging to address the economic troubles, but aim to steer away from outreach about COVID-19 directly.

So our third framework:

If the industry you are targeting is not directly affected, then continue outreach as is or adjust messaging to address the disruption in the economy.

Why you shouldn’t stop prospecting to yellow light and green light industries

It’s tempting to cut sales and marketing budgets when times get tough. It creates an immediate savings of cash. Yet, the problem with sales and marketing is that you don’t see the impacts of your efforts for 90-180 days.

So, if you stop prospecting now, you will feel the impact of that on your business in 3-6 months from now. If you combine a lack of prospecting with a down economy, you are setting yourself up for an even larger potential disaster in your business.

Sales and leads are what drive companies and during these hard economic times, you need them now more than ever.

Remote prospecting channels like LinkedIn, email, and phone provide no risk to the spread of COVID-19 so these channels are more important than ever.

Times are tough… so continue your marketing and lead generation prospecting on LinkedIn, the smart companies that do will survive, the ones that are driven by fear and panic will not.

We would love to help you survive these tough economic times please reach out to us. 

How to add captions to your LinkedIn videos

How to add captions to your LinkedIn videos.

Friday Fun Fact:

New Features to Get More From Posting: Video Captions, Share Articles Quotes, and See Translations Adding video captions to give your videos more context.

There are often times when your community members and first connections aren’t able to watch your video with the sound on. So for these moments, you now have the option to add closed captioning to your videos when posting from desktop.

Here is a tool I found to add captions to your videos,
My recommendation is if you have a video that is over 500 MB, upload it to YouTube first, then download it again with YouTube downloader. YouTube compresses the video and keeps the quality pretty much the same.

You can now add closed captioning when sharing a video on LinkedIn from the desktop experience. You’ll need to have an associated SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file attached to the video before it can be posted.

Note: Closed captioning can be added to member and LinkedIn Page posts.

To add closed captions once you have created the SRT file.  


Are you looking for some great LinkedIn training live?

We are putting on a workshop in Calgary Alberta Canada on January 31 2020.
Hope to see you there!

What makes someone accept your LinkedIn connection request?

As a LinkedIn lead generation expert, one of the most important aspects of any companies lead generation funnel is to actually get their target market to connect with them, by accepting their connection request.

You might’ve seen my other article, where I spoke about what happens 90% of the time, once someone sends you a connection request and once you accept. The very first thing they do is try to sell you their products or services. (Your thinking WTF? I just met you!)

That is probably the number one mistake I see 99% of all people making on LinkedIn, who are trying to use LinkedIn for lead generation. It just doesn’t work and almost always, the results are just dismal.

About a year ago I decided to formalize my LinkedIn lead generation system,

LinkedIn lead generation program

and during the six years of being a LinkedIn trainer, training individuals and corporations all throughout USA and Canada, these are the main 8 mistakes and things you should do that I have seen, that get results.

  1. Definitely do not try to sell someone your services or products if they except your connection request. LinkedIn should be about relationship building.
  2. When clicking on the connect button, ALWAYS include a personal message, that includes the person’s name and spell it correctly. (I can’t tell you how many times people have misspelled my name, BTW it’s Allan not Allen or Alan). I believe that really matters, spelling someone’s name correctly, that shows that you’re actually paying attention to what you’re doing and that you care.
Linkedin leads

3. Social media marketing has definitely taken a big shift over the last few years. It’s now all about relationship building, and making sure that you when you contact somebody, you propose a win-win situation. Definitely ask them about their business and what they’re up to, as well as any challenges they are facing.

4. The next thing is make sure your profile is 100% rockstar, the first thing they’re going to do if they receive a cold connection request is go to your profile. If your profile has a

LinkedIn connection requests

crappy picture, and you look like a serial killer (You know what I mean) then no one is going to accept your connection request.

Make sure all the information on your profile is up to date and all the links to websites and emails our working. Nothing says I’m really unprofessional more than someone clicking on the website in your contact information, and the site has been taken down and isn’t even on the Internet anymore.

5. The same thing for your website, if your website hasn’t been updated in years, guess what? People are judging whether to accept your connection request on that as well.

6. Is the message you are sending out congruent with what your profile says and what your website says. What is your call to action? What is your sales funnel?

7. On your profile do you have any endorsements, endorsements are like an testimonials, the more the better.

8. Lastly I only connect with people, and keep them as connections, if they fall into one of three categories:

A) Will they be my client?

B) Will they be a connector and send clients to me?

C) Can I joint venture with them on something else, or can I add value to them?

LinkedIn throttles your account from receiving new connections or building up your network at about 30,000. So while you may not be anywhere near to that, you have to think ahead a few years and if you are using LinkedIn for lead generation, eventually you will probably hit that mark. So I always ask people if they fall into one of those three categories, if after I connect with them and get to know them, they seem kind of wishy-washy, by giving me the thumbs up or not sure, response when I asked them if they want to have a telephone conversation. I disconnect and Block them.

I hope this article brought some value to you and I welcome all your comments and your thoughts on lead generation on LinkedIn and connections on LinkedIn. If I can ever answer any questions for you for free please let me know I would be happy to have a conversation with you.

Allan – – 403-246-7386