100% “Done-for-You” Lead Generation

…Get Qualified LinkedIn Leads to Contact You by Phone, Calendar, Email and LinkedIn Message. Our team then books them for you in a Calendar, all you have to do is show up to the call or meeting.
Unlimited Leads Delivered Right to Your Desktop or Website!

Our team has found that some of our potential clients have asked us, do we have a fully done for your program where you do everything?
The answer is now YES!!

We coin our program as “Relationship Marketing” , which is extremely unique in the LinkedIn Lead Gen space. 


• The first step is – Our team will have a two-hour conversation with you to figure out,  Who is your target market?  How do we find them on LinkedIn by key phrase or company? Once they are your connection, What do you want them to do? (Phone Call, or in person meeting?)
• The next thing we do is a Profile Optimization – Increase the conversion of connection requests into leads,  this is one of the most important key aspects to any LinkedIn lead generation system.
• Then we use advanced LinkedIn filters to target your ideal prospects, based upon who you say your target market is.
• Then we craft your campaign messaging with you, so that they convert into ideal prospects and warm leads.
• Then we significantly grow your network – send out 1000- 4000 connection requests to your ideal prospects per month.
• Once people are your first level connections, we ask for discovery calls and invitations sent to your new connections.
• Once people have asked for a meeting or whatever your call to action you want, we book your appointments on your calendar.
• You get a sustainable and consistent flow of discovery calls (leads) with prospects that fit your ideal target profile.
• Make connections with key decision makers to open new markets and buyers.
• Continuously fill your sales funnel with ideal prospects.
• Done-For-You service – We’re doing most of the work for you, so you spend your time following up on warm leads.
• Grow your dealer and distribution network.
• Grow your network marketing business!
• Identify and engage with potential partners, re-sellers or joint venture marketing. 
• We will simply keep on filling up your calendar with appointments, as per your specifications. All you’ll need to do is let us know what time today you’re available and we will do the rest.


  • We do almost all the work, to drive traffic to your website from the #1 source of social media website traffic in the world!
  • We do almost all the work to  get your ideal prospects on LinkedIn and book them into a calendar for you!
  • We get you leads that are Ready to Talk With You!…or Go to Your Website.

  • All Hot, Warm and In Discussion Leads are delivered right to your desktop via our proprietary LinkedIn CRM weekly.
  • No more cold-calling or cold-emailing. No more hunting leads or spending hours on LinkedIn trying to keep up. 
  • Spend all your time closing sales to your ideal prospects online, or on the phone. Become a Lead Farmer vs Hunter.
  • Triple your customer growth rate and cash flow acceleration with 100% ‘Done for You’ LinkedIn lead generation.

LinkedIn is the #1 B2B lead generation platform in the world…with billions of dollars in deals closed from leads generated on their platform. LinkedInLeads “…is one of the leading providers of Done For You B2B Leads – Managed LinkedIn Lead Generation services in the world.

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