This is the LinkedIn leads refund policy page which you agreed to when you sign a contract with us:

  1. Refunds will only be given, when we have determined that the client has followed the process as outlined in our coaching phone calls and the contract you signed.
  2. Has followed the program with effort and intention.
    Client agrees that if there are any problems or deficiencies that arise, the client will:
    (A) Send them as a formal email to outline them and
    (B) Give the consultant 72 hours (3 full days) to rectify them in full. This will happen before any other action is taken.”
  3. No refunds will be processed unless you follow these terms which you agreed to when you signed up for the program.
  4. On occasion when there is sickness or a death in the family, we will agree to a 30 day pause of your program, for this to happen the client must have paid a minimum of $500 to qualify.